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  • "La Carrara" tre storie incrociate

    Spettacolo di videomapping "La Carrara" tre storie incrociate venerdì 1 maggio 2015dalle 21.00...

  • 100x100=900

    To celebrate 50 years of videoart, conventionally recurrent on 2013, Magmart | video under volcano...

  • Agustin Sanchez

    Born in Mexico City. From 1988 to 1991 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of the National...

  • Ambiente, Visioni del Futuro

    VIII edizione ArteImpresa  Inaugurazione e premiazione  Martedì 5 dicembre 2017 h 18.00  c/o Giacomo, via...

  • Anomalie di percorso

    Anomalie di percorso Lungo il nostro percorso assistiamo a una serie infinita di eventi,...

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Interview with Agustin Sanchez

Interview with Agustin Sanchez

As part of your artistic path, what brought you to video art,
and what type of role does it play for you now?

Although my academic studies are mainly in painting, from ever I had a strong interest for digital practises. Unfortunately in the 90s digital editing was a not so widespread practise and available to a few. In those years, the artists as me that used video language, found in “video insert VHS” an uncompromising technology, an editing not accurate but with great future possibilities.

Today video practise is accessible to all; devices for recording are countless both in form and in size. Editing is available on the palm of the hand. In spite of everything, I think that now more then ever, it is important and at the same time complicated, to pass contents that is appropriate or necessary to tell.......leggi tutto